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Colloquy Downeast Invites you to participate in a Talk With Owen Flanagan Via Zoom:

June 5, 2020 at 10:00 am.   World Happiness 2020 Zoom link

Why are some people happier than others?  Why are some countries among the saddest in the world?  In the mid 1970’s, to the surprise of many economists, it was discovered that happiness of individuals, communities, and nation states does not always rise as income and GDP do.  What is happiness and how can it be measured? Many believe that money doesn’t bring happiness, but what does? Such questions are the subject of a global interdisciplinary study that was published in March just as the Covid-19 pandemic exploded.   The group preparing this study decided to immediately double-down on their research and data, and ask how “happiness quotients” have changed as the epidemic deepened.

Brooklin resident and Duke philosophy professor Owen Flanagan has been heavily involved in this study which is sponsored in part by the Vatican and the United Nations.  He will provide an up-to-date report with a Zoom presentation on Friday, June 5 at 10 AM.

Owen will provide an overview of the World Happiness Report project, and then explore data and projections of happiness trends in the context of a global pandemic.  He’ll close with discussion about trends affecting the happiness, health, and well-being of Americans both before the epidemic and as of June 5.

This is a free event which will be presented online via Zoom. To register and receive a Zoom Invitation click here:  World Happiness 2020.