Colloquy Downeast Blue Hill Maine

Colloquy Downeast

Spirited Conversations in Great Company

Welcome to the Colloquy. For some of us, the Colloquy will revisit events occurring when we were in school or college. In this sense it will be a history of the Cold War, the Korean War, recognition of Israel, founding of the UN, and many domestic issues arising after World War II.

There is a lot to consider in four short meetings. Hopefully, we can be guided by the following schedule (see Reading Materials for texts):

  • Session I. Ancestors, Family, Education, Social Life, Army Service, Marriage and Politics, Senate and his reelection to second term in pages 3-248 (Hanby) or 15-252 (McCullough).
  • Session II. Emergence of Senator Truman, Election as Vice-President and subsequently becoming president, Challenges of the office and the world, in pages 249-451 (Hanby) or 253-620 (McCullough).
  • Session III. Election of 1948, Korea, Israel, Jos. McCarthy, Gen. MacArthur, Life Style and family, “Scandals,” NATO in pages 451-599 (Hanby) or 621-856 (McCullough).
  • Session IV. Leaving the White House and Looking back in pages 599-641 (Hanby) or 857-992 (McCullough).