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Colloquy Downeast

Spirited Conversations in Great Company

The Colloquy Downeast Steering Committee is comprised of professionals from the fields of art, business, education, engineering, government, journalism, medicine, music, religion, philosophy and science.

In an effort to provide a balance of continuity and access to “new blood,” each Steering Committee member is elected for a three-year term and may be re-elected for one additional three-year term.


  Name Position    
  David Porter Chair    
  Marge Irvine Vice Chair    
  Charlie Stone Secretary    
  Judy McGeorge Treasurer    

Steering Committee Members

  Name Town Term Expires  
  Term Expiring 2020      
  Courtenay Haight Blue Hill 2020 (1)  
  Mike Wolf Blue Hill 2020 (1)  
  Term Expiring 2021      
  Judy McGeorge Ellsworth 2021 (2)  
  Charlie Stone Brooksville 2021 (2)  
  Claire Connor Brooklin 2021 (1)  
  Kathy Kaiser Deer Isle 2021 (1)  
  Sue Loomis Castine 2021 (1)  
  Tim Seeley Blue Hill 2021 (1)  
  Peter Sly Brooklin 2021 (2)  
  Term Expiring 2022      
  David Porter Brooklin 2022 (2)  
  Marge Irvine Brooklin 2022 (2)  
  Bill Case Blue Hill 2022 (2)  

Interested in joining the Steering Committee?

We are always looking for new members who can contribute to the Colloquy Downeast mission. In particular, we look for members with diverse backgrounds who can help us make our colloquies relevant to the broadest possible audience, enhance the quality of the content and contribute to the administration of the organization.

If you think you can contribute to the Steering Committee, please contact our Nomininating Committee.