Colloquy Downeast Blue Hill Maine

Colloquy Downeast

Spirited Conversations in Great Company

Colloquy: Law and Literature: Texts to Be Discussed

Printed format:

Aeschylus, The Oresteia. Everyman Library, Alfred A. Knopf 2004.

Sophocles, The Three Theban Plays.  Penguin Classics, Viking Penguin, Inc. 1982.

Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice. The Pelican Shakespeare, Penguin Group, 2000.

Melville, Herman, Billy Budd and the Piazza Tales. Barnes & Noble Classics, Barnes & Noble Books, 2006.

On line:

The Internet Classics Archive / Eumenides by Aeschylus <>

The Internet Classics Archive / Antigone by Sophocles <>

Merchant of Venice: Entire Play  <>

Billy Budd Text.pdf  <>

Glaspell, Susan “A Jury of Her Peers” – University of Virginia <etext.libvirginia.edutoc/modeng/public/GlaJury.html>


 Other Reading

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