Colloquy Downeast Blue Hill Maine

Colloquy Downeast

Spirited Conversations in Great Company

FacilitatorMichael Taylor
Date & TimeCOLLOQUY CANCELLED Wednesdays, September 19, 26, October 3, 10
12:30 pm -2:30 pm
LocationHoward Room, Blue Hill Public Library


Unfortunately Micheal Taylor is unable to come to Maine to lead this colloquy. It has been cancelled as of August 24, 2018. Refunds of Registration Fees will be issued.

The Crime and Punishment colloquy aims to cover two basic areas – crime in the United States, and the punishment people get when they’re convicted of crimes. The crime session will delve into discussion of felonies and misdemeanors. We’ll also look at how pervasive crime is in our daily lives and national culture – crime is the staple of news reports and is the stuff of bestselling novels, TV series and movies. Of the four colloquy sessions, three will be devoted to the punishment end of things, but crime will be the basic thread that wanders through all these talks. We will examine how many of our fellow citizens (along with some non-citizens) are imprisoned in the U.S. (about 2.2 million people), how prisons operate and the problems that arise when the state puts people behind bars and deprives them of their freedom. 

Michael Taylor is a retired reporter and editor who worked at the San Francisco Chronicle for 36 years. While at The Chronicle, he covered crime, courts, breaking news and other subjects. He also wrote stories about state and federal prisons. 

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