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Spirited Conversations in Great Company

The links below, to Moore’s story and the Updike essay, can be accessed only by New Yorker magazine subscribers.  But fear not: Margery be scanning both and sending links to the scanned material to all registrants within the next few days.

March 8

We’ll begin on March 8th with Mark Salzman’s novel Lying Awake, set in a convent where one of the nuns is confronted with a choice that will change her life.

March 15

Lorrie Moore’s “People Like That Are the Only People Here,” a story that deals with the experience of illness not in oneself but in one’s child.

March 22

The essay “At War with My Skin,” John Updike’s description of his battle with psoriasis.

March 29

We turn to illnesses of the mind rather than the body with William Styron’s great memoir Darkness Visible.